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Are you tired of the guesswork involved in finding your next captivating read? Look no further than Book Scout. As a discerning reader, you're always on the hunt for exciting stories and adventures, but you may also have specific preferences and want to avoid certain topics or overused tropes. With Book Scout, your reading experience just got better.

Book Scout now available for iOS. Android will be coming soon!

Scan or Search for Any Book

Empower yourself to explore any book before investing your precious time. Whether you prefer scanning a barcode or searching by title, Book Scout effortlessly handles the rest.

Knowledge is Power

Book Scout compiles comprehensive information and insights for nearly any book you search for. You'll uncover book details, AI-generated insights, insightful Amazon book reviews, and direct links to purchase the books on Amazon.

Swift AI Book Insights

Discover if a book aligns with your interests in no time. Our AI system distills the best aspects of books while also identifying potential themes you may want to know about.

Smart Book Reviews with Keyword Highlights

We bring you Amazon book reviews for your consideration. What's more, you can tailor your research by highlighting keywords in customer book reviews that matter to you.

Tailored for Discerning Readers

Whether you have specific reading preferences or simply want to stay informed about your loved ones' literary choices, Book Scout is here to assist.

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Dive into the conversation and contribute to the development of Book Scout. Become part of a community of passionate readers. Share your insights, uncover hidden literary gems, and help us shape the future of reading.

More Exciting Features Coming Soon

Book Scout has a slew of exciting features in the pipeline. Stay tuned for cloud-based features, user accounts, curated playlists, suggest-a-book functionality, and much more! Join our email distribution to stay on top of all the exciting features, enhancements and other announcements.

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Book Scout for iOS is now availale! Android will be coming soon.